New York's very own Track Seven Band brings to you a collaboration that connects the elements of Rap, Rock, R&B, and Funk into one cohesive and melodic sound. Their impressive musical dexterity opens their music to such a diverse audience, not one single genre can claim them. Often playing alongside Indie Rock and Pop-Punk bands opens the door to a completely new genre never heard before. Track Seven Bands music is deeply rooted in traditional Hip-Hop, over stepping the boundaries of looped samples and beats by introducing the fresh sounds of live instrumentation. The bands roots date back to 2011 in the Bronx, New York when front man, Cost was in search of assembling a band to compliment his lyrics of socially hidden struggle messages and awareness with his sound and live stage show. This vision of his created a new palette for the Hip-Hop scene. 

For almost four years Track Seven Band played live shows and decided to go into the studio mid-2015 to finish up the highly anticipated EP The Try And The Fail in which front man Cost says is an emotional roller coaster based on different events he experienced in his lifetime. This lyrically deep musical journey will show the oppressed and those in despair that through his pain, his hunger, and his struggles there is always hope. You will hear his laughter, feel his tears and go through his personal ups and downs but find yourself comforted and motivated to keep trying in the game we call - life. World, we introduce to you - Track Seven Band.